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    This number calls a lady with arabic accent tells me I should pay 1500 USD so that I can be removed from a degree register that my name appear in. I once enrolled to study under Nixon university in 2013 and on realizing it was a scam I discontinued communicating with them , now one week ago I am being threatend to pay.


    Retarded %!@#$ing people


    Claims to be social security calling to suspend benefits


    Would not reveal her identity. Very rude


    Police charity scam. They use many different numbers, all pretending to be local. Impossible to find out the actual company behind this. The first call is a "dynamic" robo, asking for "Nancy" or "Steve" or any other random name. Whatever you reply, it (it's a com%!@#$r, not a human) will launch into a sales pitch asking for donations. They refuse to give an IRS form 990, the legal paper that tells where the money goes. If you ask, they will hang up. No legitimate charity acts this way.


    Masked caller ID. Didn't answer. Blocked the call.


    There is no company at some kind of f****** scam


    SS# scam, says your number on hold call and verify


    unsafely call


    They said they were AOL Tech Support. Asked to get on my com%!@#$r and I started thinking and asked if they worked for AOL and they said they were a "contractor for AOL". I asked more questions and realized they are a scam. Look out!